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Get ready to experience the most unforgettable Maui deep fishing adventure. As one of the top producing fishing boats in Lahaina, Hawaii we leave early to get you to the fishing grounds at first light. Are you ready to chase Blue Marlin, Ahi (Tuna), Mahi Mahi, and Ono (Wahoo)?  With 35 years experience and one of the largest boats in Lahaina Wharf we pride ourselves in continuing the Hawaii fishing legacy.

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Hawaii is famous for the deep trenches that surround these volcanic islands. With twin turbo engines we have the unique ability to give anglers access to the Hawaiian Trough, otherwise known as the Hawaiian Deep, and the fish that cruise the depths of over 18,000 feet (5,500 meters). On a daily occurrence we have the opportunity to target Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, and the prized Yellowfin Ahi. The currents will also bring through Ono (Wahoo), Big Eye Tuna, and several other species of Marlin.

Blue Marlin

Mahi Mahi

Yellowfin Tuna


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Meet Captain Fuzzy

Captain Fuzzy is renowned in the Hawaii fishing community with over 35 years of experience targeting some of the most incredible fish in the world.  Born and raised on Maui, he served this country for 9 years as a Marine in the United States military.  Working his way up from deckhand to now owner of his own fishing company in Lahaina, he fishes year round to provide Hawaii restaurants with the highest quality, locally caught ,and sustainable fish.  He takes pride in sharing his knowledge by taking locals and travelers from around the world to also pursue the catches of a lifetime on his boat the Die Hard.

  • US Coast Guard Certified Licensed Captain

  • Emergency First Aid Certified

  • CPR Certified

  • 35 Years Experience

  • Maui Born/ Raised

  • United States Marine Corp

First Mate: Andy

Andy has been with Die Hard for over 10 years as the first mate.  His passion for fishing started in Rhode Island chasing Bluefin Tuna, sailing, and building boats.  During college at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida he got his first taste for fishing the gulf stream.  Joining the charter boats out of Clearwater Beach he quickly learned what it took to catch fish of a lifetime.  In search of year round fishing for monster Blue Marlin, Andy moved to Maui 17 years ago to continue his passion for these incredible fish.

Die Hard Sport Fishing Testimonials

We left the dock shortly after midnight Sunday morning November 10th, 2019. I drew #4 & thought that was an unlucky number. Man was I wrong! Within a half hour #1 had a 27 pound mahi aboard and #2 had one a little smaller in the box. Then #3 hooked up and within seconds so did I. Neither of us knew what we had on but the drags were pulling and we had to maneuver a bit so our lines didn’t cross. Then #3’s leaped, it’s a marlin! Then my drag pulled like my line was hooked to a train and the mate said he thought a shark had grabbed my fish. Then mine jumped, we had 2 Blue Marlin on at the same time! Captain Jay and his mate were amazing. They expertly maneuvered the boat, both anglers, and both marlin and we were able to tag and release both amazing fish. A trip of a lifetime and an experience that I’ll never forget. Mahalo!

We spent days researching countless boats and trying to decide who to go with. There were 12 of us so we needed 2 boats. We decided upon Die Hard and another boat I can’t comment on as much as I wasn’t on it. We booked our 8 hour charter.

We got a call the day before confirming our time of 1am departure and sure enough Fuzzy and his 1st mate were there ready to go. They had done their live bait bait fishing and had only come up with 6 fish(they started losing enough fish/lures to sharks they gave up). Needless to say we were a little worried on our chances.

We spent our first 5 hours cruising in pitch black to our fishing hole. (also left us a bit worried how much actual fishing time we were going to get.) Fuzzy and Sam assured us we needed our rods in first light as thats when the tuna would feed.

Once we hit the spot, we got an overview how this was going to work and started setting the rods. Got our first line in the water and we hadn’t even set the second before fuzzy had a tuna on and we were away fishing!

Our first 20 mins and we had 5 tuna in the boat. Hour later and we were up to 12. We had yellowfin, big eye, skipjack. All in we land 18 tuna(all around 15-30lb) in the boat and a couple lost. Multiple times we had 3 fish on all at once.

After tuna fishing for awhile it was time to set the lines and go for the big ones! We set the lines and began fishing as we trolled our long journey back towards the harbour.

Line started flying! After a long battle we landed ourselves a 328lb and almost 11ft long marlin in the boat.

We had one other bite on our way back which appeared to be an ono but we lost it.

we reached the dock back at 11:30 which in total left us with a 10.5 hour day on the boat at no extra charge.

There were 8 boats on the radio which came back empty and our other group; that went on another boat came back with minimal fish and of small size.

We told fuzzy we were in town for a wedding and wanted to bring back some fish for a big barbecue. Unlike some other boats we had read about these guys are generous with their fish! 4 ziploc bags stuffed with tuna they could barely close. We fed the whole wedding of 40 for 2 days at bbqs with tuna steaks, home made poke and sashimi.

I have fished many times and these guys tried so damn hard even after our arms started to pack in due to fighting fish.

I would recommend them again in a second and we have already talked about heading back to Maui again, even if it is just to fish.”

TripAdvisor – AJ D

Had a GREAT trip fishing with Die Hard and Capt Fuzzy! My son and I both caught some Mahi Mahi, in fact, everyone on the boat took home fish! The trip is long (you leave at night, catch your bate, then start fishing at dawn) but it’s worth it!

Matt F

Booked this particular charter after many Yelp and trip advisor reviews! It was a surprise trip for my husband for our honeymoon and I ended up LOVING it!!

Serious notes:

– Not for faint of heart, easily bored or those prone to sea sickness. Or know it all’s for that matter. Captain will put you on a fish and you will reel like a mad man to get em in!

– LISTEN and follow the rules, you’d be pissed if someone didn’t listen to you and ended up breaking your personal valuables. There are rules for a reason.

– Bring a cooler, your own food, drinks and maybe some sea sick meds even though “you don’t get sea sick”

Capt Fuzzy was a hardcore riot, the deck hands were knowledgeable and so nice!

This in NOT a hunt for goldfish, it is INTENSE at moments, the day is LONG but the reward is SAWEEET!

We got a whole bag of fish per person, plenty for one person! And we even got to enjoy fresh sashimi dock side while Fuzzy butchered the days catch!

The trek out is far and long, bring a sweater there are places to nap. Over all blew my mind and we tipped 20% and would have even more if we could have!

We love die hard!

Had a great time with fuzzy and Andy. 6 of us went out and we came back with 18. We were the first ones out of the harbor when we got to our spot it was fish on. I would highly recommend booking early with Die Hard Charters as his spots fill up quickly. Listen to what they say out on the boat and you will do great. I would book with them next time in a heartbeat. again Fuzzy and Andy thanks for the great time on the water.
Mahalo and aloha
Sean Mattson

Great day on the water with two (capt. Fuzzy and Andy) knowledgeable fishermen. The boat was clean and comfortable. Captain Fuzzy and Andy took time to explain what they were doing and why. They make it clear that this is a fishing trip, not just a boat ride. Fishing is unpredictable even for the best fishermen and their initial plan did not work out but they kept working for us the entire trip. The hard work paid off with an incredible flurry of action and six nice mahi boated. If you want a boat ride there are lots of options on Maui but if you want a fishing trip Die Hard will work for you and give you a great opportunity to get on fish.


First of all – after reading some of the previous reviews – it seems like this disclaimer should be put out first: sport fishing is a tough, a physically rigorous event. An average marlin can weight in excess of several hundred pounds – and a small tuna of 60 pounds will feel like you’ve hooked into a sunken pirate ship. The conditions can be outright dangerous – and they change every day. The vessel, fuel and all the equipment are very expensive – and have to be meticulously maintained. If you are a parent with children, are infirm or are new to fishing …DO NOT schedule a private charter on your own dime. Fishing is called fishing…not catching. You should never expect that *just* because you are on a boat with bait that you’ll be reeling them in all day. Oh – and if you are complaining about catching too many fish? Well, Maui offers many fine golfing locations.

Listen – for those of you looking for sport fishing: whether you are an experienced tournament fisher without a skiff on vacation or looking to schedule something for a business outing or simply looking to try sport fishing for the first time (re-read first paragraph – no crying in sport-fishing) then look no further. Because you know what’s great in an era where most communication is via type-text? A vendor who answers the phone. Particularly when they are over a thousand miles away. Die Hard’s offices – Devynne specifically – were great to work with. You also have to give them extra credit for working around a challenging COVID environment that threatened business for nearly a calendar year. Even if you don’t have a full party – and want to split the fee with another small group; chances are they will work with you.

In fact – that is what we did. My girlfriend had never scheduled a private charter – and I didn’t want her to get out there (because you will be up at 1230 am if you are staying on the Eastern end of Maui to drive to the marina in time) & hate it. In light of that – I got in with another pair of anglers who shared a half day trip. It was worth it. Captain Fuzzy is a former Marine who has literally been a skipper for 3 decades across two continents – and if there’s a chance to put you on fish: believe me he’s not out there to waste fuel & cut bait.

We were able to bring in 8 or so mahi between the four people fishing – which is PLENTY for the three parties. Please understand: if you are only here on vacation & you catch ONE 20+ lb fish – it’s enough to feed your family for two nights (and please understand fresh fish cooked that day is worth the cost of the charter alone). October isn’t even a prime month for sport fish to run – yet with the right skipper you can generally get into something. Also understand: they want to push Customers on fish – their reputation in the age of internet reviews benefits from word of mouth.

This was my first time to fish the Pacific – in any capacity; and it wasn’t a disappointment. It’s hard to imagine when you’re accustomed to the Gulf (or even the Atlantic) just how easily you can get to blue water (deep water where sport fish are found). The entire trip we were always near one of the islands – so the views were just breath-taking. Captain Fuzzy runs a tight ship – clean & spacious for anyone; with no ‘boys club’ antics that you might find in another era.

Point blank: Die Hard is a great charter, with a great local reputation – for good reason. If you’re looking for someone to go with – give them a call. And one last thing: Even Chief Brody was happy he caught one fish on the Orca.

If you want a real fishing experience you gotta go with Die Hard.

For this trip we had the boat booked as a private charter for just us.

We met the boat at 11:00pm so that we would have lots of time to get to the fishing grounds by sunrise (~5:45am)

Before we left the Captain (Fuzzy) told us about a spot he knew that had been producing lots of tuna recently but also warned us that it wouldn’t be easy to get to. We decided that was exactly where we needed to go, because catching is more fun than fishing.

So leaving the harbor around 11:15pm we went out a few miles to catch some bait fish. That was ~ the first 2 hours of the trip. We caught around 30 small fish and all had a good time doing it – all of us took part bringing up bait.

We ended up heading out from there around 1:00am. It took all of 4.5 hours to get to the good fishing grounds. And trust me, those were a long, hard, 4.5 hours. After the first 2.5 hours the waves really started to pile up. I had taken dramamine before the trip and was also wearing the patches behind my ears. And somehow I still ended up chumming the waters… but so did 2 others with me lol. Trust me when I say Hawaii waters can get big.

Die Hard got us exactly where we needed to be right on time. As the sun came up, the tuna started to smash our lines. We had steady fish on for over 1.5 hours. Lots of double headers during that time. In the end we landed 14 tuna, lost 2 right at the boat, and probably lost 4 more to sharks in the deeper water. My guess is that we pulled in over 400lbs of tuna in that first 1.5 hrs. Biggest tuna weighed 66lbs, but we also had 4 more that were over 50. The rest were 10-30lbs…

Highly recommend these guys if you want a trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

Ready To Catch Some Fish?

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Full Day Charters

Die Hard Sport Fishing offers private and shared fishing experience in Lahaina, Hawaii. With top-notch tournament ready gear and experienced captain, we are ready to ensure that your fishing charter be the highlight of your time in Hawaii.  We highly recommend full day fishing charters if you are after the biggest game fish such as Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Striped Marlin, and Bull Mahi Mahi.  Even with duel turbo engines to get us out to the fishing grounds fast, the full day time allows for us to go out to the deepest waters or to the fish attraction buoys in 15,000 foot of water.  Be prepared to leave early, (around midnight) so that we can have lines in the water at first light.

8 Hours – $1,500 plus gratuity (15-20%)

6 People Max

Additional Time Can Be Purchased For $200/ Hour

Half Day Charters

Die Hard Sport Fishing offers half day fishing charters during peak fishing months when fish will be actively chasing schools of bait into the shallower waters.  We want to make sure that you are putting fish into the boat and also onto the table.  During these charters we target Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Barracuda, and Sailfish.  While not as many Blue Marlin are caught during these trips, they do follow the Mahi Mahi and smaller Tuna inland and action can quickly turn on.

6 Hours – $1,320 plus gratuity (15-20%)

6 People Max

Additional Time Can Be Purchased For $200/ Hour


Your days here on Maui, Hawaii are action-packed, but the one thing you’re looking forward to most is heading out into the open ocean off Maui with a professional, experienced deep sea fishing charter.  So let us help you have the best time on the water with this guide for what to pack!


We require that facemasks be worn on the boat.


When heading out into the waters off the Hawaiian Islands, the most important thing to remember is that the weather may change. You want to make sure you’ll be comfortable when hauling in your catch.

  • Rain gear or windbreaker. These are essential for protecting you from anything from downpours to sea spray! Both will keep you warm if you find yourself a little chilly in the early morning.
  • Light clothing. Shorts, a t-shirt, or a light long sleeve shirt will keep you cool under the sun.
  • Hat. This will help keep your head cool and the sun out of your eyes.
  • Polarized sunglasses. These are a must! Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from the glare off the water. We suggest a pair with blue lenses to see deep into the water.


The strength of the sun should never be underestimated, even on cloudy days! You don’t want a sunburn ruining your day. You’ll be wincing every time you cast! The reflection of the sun off the ocean is often nice to look at, but not so nice on your skin.

  • Check the SPF! Do not bring spray sunscreen as it can drift onto the fishing line, bait, and reels and it is banned on the boat.  Typically, SPF 50 and above are the sunscreens that are going to give you the highest possible protection from the sun. This is not the time to break out the tanning oil!  After you apply the sunscreen be sure to wipe your hands before you touch any gear that the fish may smell.
  • Chapstick or lip balm. Chapstick with SPF or sun protection will be a huge help and will stop your lips from getting burnt or chapped out on the water.
  • Zinc. Yeah, your nose will look a little funny, but lifeguards swear by it!


The phrase “don’t rock the boat” doesn’t apply to the ocean waves. Whether you find your stomach easily upset by the motion of the ocean or find yourself with an unexpected cut, you can’t go wrong with packing a couple extras to make sure your trip is safe and comfortable!

  • Motion sickness medication. We suggest that everyone who is going on the full day trip to take non- drowsy Dramamine at least 5 hours before going on the boat and then again when you get on the boat.  Even if you never get sick we still highly suggest following the schedule above to just make sure you get your full fishing time and enjoy the trip to the maximum. Plus the newer Dramamine just calms the stomach down without causing the sleepiness.
  • Extra band-aids. Larger first aid kits are provided on the boat, but it never hurts to be prepared.
  • Hand sanitizer. You packed a great sandwich and you’re ready to dig in. Just make sure you get the fish slime off your hands first.


Everyone’s gotta eat, and in the hot sun, you want to make sure you’re hydrated. Here are some fishing trip snacks and tips that are perfect for your day on the water.

  • Thermos or large water bottle. A thermos or water bottle with a guarantee that your beverage will stay cool for long periods of time is perfect for a fishing trip.
  • Sandwiches. Pack your favorite! But remember, hand sanitizer is your friend.
  • Beverages. A cold, hydrating beverage that is perfect for a day at sea.  We suggest light colored Gatorades.
  • Other snacks. Chips, granola, jerky, cliff bars.

You’re all packed! Here’s a few things we made sure you don’t have to worry about.

  • Fishing license. We’ve got you covered. You don’t need to obtain a fishing license to come catch huge fish with us!
  • Bait. We have the best bait and lures around to make sure you catch what you’re looking for.
  • Camera. We really appreciate any photos that you can share with us of your trips and catches.  Most times we are driving the boat or helping you reel in that Marlin.  GoPros or drones are allowed as well.
  • Coolers and ice. For keeping your favorite beverages nice and cold.  We will have some ice on the boat, but if you bring your own cooler we suggest adding a bit more.

We suggest that everyone who is going on the full day trip and the half day to take non- drowsy Dramamine at least 5 hours before going on the boat and then again when you get on the boat.  Even if you never get sick we still highly suggest following the schedule above to just make sure you get your full fishing time and enjoy the trip to the maximum. The newer Dramamine just calms the stomach down without causing the sleepiness.

We want everyone who goes out with us to stay safe and have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures for all touch points on the boat.  We require that all guests have a temperature check before boarding and fill out a COVID-19 health questionnaire.  For the most up to date information we suggest the CDC or Maui Health Department to be sure that we all do our part.  If you have any symptoms or health concerns please stay home and speak with your doctor.

Any fish that we catch, you are going to go home with enough fish to feed you and your friends while on the island.  We hope that you support all the restaurants that feature locally caught and sustainable fishing. However, this means you will NOT get to keep ALL of the fish caught on the boat and want to be upfront from the beginning.  Captain Fuzzy has 35 years experience fishing the waters off of Maui and as one of the top producing fishing boats in Lahaina, the local restaurants depend on the fresh fish to continue doing business.  If you are coming from the mainland this may be different from what you have experiences in states like Florida, but in Hawaii we have fought hard to ban gill nets and larger commercial fishing fleets. We also practice catch and release of all Marlin that we think can be safely returned.  If you have any questions we are happy to discuss ahead of time.

While fishing on the Die Hard 2 you are covered by our fishing license and do not need your own.

Depending on the time of year expect that we will be leaving between 11pm and 2am.  This will very on the time of the year and where the bite is occurring, but there is a reason we are one of the top producing fishing boats and that is because we have our lines in the water at sunrise.  Many times we will go out the night before to catch bait so that we can maximize your time in the most productive fishing water.

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